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Please note: Walks and drop-ins on Sundays and Bank Holidays will be 2x the normal price. This excludes pet care bookings of 7 or more consecutive days. Walks and visits on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day will be 2.5x the normal price. 


Group walks

  • £15 per dog for 1 hour group walk. (Dogs will be out for longer than this as pick ups and drop offs are made either side of the walk.)

Solo walks

  • £12 for one dog for 30 minutes.

  • £16 for two dogs for 30 minutes from the same household.

  • £19 for one dog per hour.

  • £24 for two dogs per hour from the same household.     


  • £12 for 30 minutes (with or without a short walk).

  • £19 for 1 hour (with or without a short walk).


Pet care

  • £10 once a day visit.

  • £16 twice a day visit.

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